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Need a  Conventional, Investment, Commercial, Stated Commercial loan ?  We can arrange it for you according to your need. 

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Few tips for self employee
(Schedule C of 1040)  by

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1. Use depreciation (added to your income) ​​.  If you own truck, trailer, business car etc.    (Line 13 of schedule c)

2.  Use business mileage (added to your income)
      (Line 44a of  schedule c)

3. Limit your use of meals and entertainment   deduction.       (minus from your income)   (Line 24b of schedule c)


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Conventional Home Loan, Stated Commercial Loan, Truck Loan, Stated Investment Loan.

30,000 + 20,000 - 10,000 + 3,000 + 5350 (car mileage decuction for California per 53.5 cents/mile)
= 48,350/12 months = $4029/month
50% Debt To Income ratio of $4029 is $2014 

You can qualify for mortgage payment of  $2014
inculding tax and insurance. 

Ranjit Kandola - Mortgage Broker 

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www.Desi Loan Broker .Com

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Ranjit Kandola - Mortgage Broker - MAC Real Estate Services

BRE 01800662, NMLS 347022 CONMLS 1133016

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